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In 1990 a group of men with Prostate Cancer formed a support group now
known as "Informed Prostate Cancer Support Group". It was started by 12
cancer survivors with no connection to doctors, hospitals, or clinics. It was
their belief that they needed a forum where all ideas of prevention and
treatment could be shared and openly discussed without following outdated
medical practices. The two co-founders, Mr. Wayne Kenaston, and Dr. Frank
Anders, dedicated their lives to researching new treatments and debunking
the old. The group meets the third Saturday of each month, 10:00 AM - 12:30
PM at Sanford-Burnham Auditorium, 10905 Road to the Cure, San Diego, CA

We often feature expert speakers to bring us the most current information
on research, prevention, and treatment. We have been fortunate to have
heard the worlds leading doctors and researchers. Some of our speakers
have come from The Sidney Kimmel Institute, the Burnham Institute,
Stanford Dept. of Urology, Alvarado Department of Pathology, UCSD
Department of Radiology and Oncology to name a few. Several times a year
we have round table meetings where we discuss our own treatments and

We now have a membership of approximately 600 men from all over San
Diego County. We produce a monthly newsletter with our calendar of events,
reviews of our speakers, and reviews of books and articles. We mail
approximately 150 and email another 450. The average attendance at our
meetings; is 60-100. However, we have held conferences where we have
attracted 200 people.

We have had a definite impact on the community. Our President, Lyle
LaRosh, was awarded the National Patients Advocacy Award at the 2009
Prostate Cancer Research Institute annual conference. During the
conference our group was lauded as the best of 1,800 in the U.S.

Because we offer the complete spectrum of information on prevention and
treatment, we provide a forum where you can get all your questions
answered in one place by men that have lived through the experience.
Prostate cancer is very personal. Our goal is to make you more aware of
your options before you begin a treatment that has serious side effects that
were not properly explained. Impotence, incontinence, and a high rate of
reoccurrence are very common side effects and may be for life.
What We Are About
Be your own health manager!