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IPCSG April 2017 - New concepts in the screening and conservative management (Active
Surveillance) approaches for Prostate Cancer presented by Dr. Franklin Gaylis MD,
FACS,Chief Scientific officer, Genesis Healthcare Partners, Voluntary Clinical Professor,
Department of Urology, UCSD .
IPCSG May 2017 Round Table
April 2017 Dr. Franklin Gaylis
Dan S. is 66 years old and lives in San Diego. in June 2016 his PSA was 8, so he
had a twelve-needle biopsy. Subsequently, he has had several other biopsies and
his urologist suggested he choose surgery or radiation. Hear Dan’s story about his
personal path of investigation and his decision for treatment.

Bill M. is 64. In May 2017 his PSA was 7.7. He found out about his elevated PSA as
part of an insurance application in 2009, when his PSA was at 4.1. His application
was refused, as he was not considered a good risk. A retest at Kaiser came out at
about 6. He then underwent a 12-core biopsy, and 5% of one core was 3+3. His stage
was T1c (localized early-stage disease of relatively low risk). Surgery was
recommended, with radiation as an alternative. He chose to do some research and
found out about the Informed Prostate Cancer Support Group (IPCSG). Hear about
Bill’s decision to monitor his prostate cancer with active surveillance rather than
other treatments.

Jack H. is 87 and lives in Rancho Bernardo. Jack’s PSA is currently 2.9 with a
Gleason score of 9. He has bone metastases in the spine and ribs and hip. He is
currently taking Zytiga, Lupron, Casodex and Metformin, feeling very good, with
positive outlook. Hear about Jack’s original diagnosis 1990 and his journey to
IPCSG June 2017 George Johnson -- Hormone Therapy
(also called ADT, Androgen Deprivation Therapy)
An overview of ADT, its causes, perspective of urologists, controversies, and member

It is often called hormone therapy, which is a bit of a misnomer. It's designed to reduce or
suppress levels of male hormones called androgens (mainly, testosterone and
dihydrotestosterone) in the body, or to stop them from promoting the growth of prostate cancer

He chose the American Cancer Society as source for this talk, because they are more open to
presenting controversy when it has occurred, compared to the National Cancer Institute.

George gives an in-depth discussion on the different types of ADT and also covers:
- Surgery (orchiectomy -- removal of testicles OUCH!)
- Anti-androgens, such as Casodex
- Advanced ADT
- “Side effects” of LHRH Agonists