2013 DVDs

January 2013 DVD Image

January 2013 DVD
Roundtable discussion, Frank W., Bobby T. and John T. about PCa treatmeents

March 2013 DVD Image

March 2013 DVD
Dr. Carl Rossi, Medical Director of Scripps Proton Therapy Center

April 2013 DVD Image

April 2013 DVD
Dick B. and Harvey L. told of their prostate cancer experiences.

May 2013 DVD Image

May 2013 DVD
Dr. Richard Lam, Research Director, Prostate Oncology Specialists

June 2013 DVD Image

June 2013 DVD
Dr. Jay Cohen talks about his book, "Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs"

July 2013 DVD Image

July 2013 DVD
Group participation in an open exchange of experiences and results.

August 2013 DVD Image

August 2013 DVD
Dr. Annette Conway gave a great presentation about managing stress.

September 2013 DVD Image

September 2013 DVD
Patricia (Trish) DeLeo and Diane Waggoner spoke about Medicare coverage

October 2013 DVD Image

October 2013 DVD
Dr. Robert Princenthal presents Multiparametric prostate MRI

November 2013 DVD Image

November 2013 DVD
Pannel discuss of Carbon 11 acetate imaging