2014 DVD's

January 2014 DVD Image

January 2014 DVD
Dr. Michael Kipper discusses Radium 223 dichloride, (Xofigo)

February 2014 DVD Image

February 2014 DVD
Dr. Kane, Enhanced prostate cancer detection and risk stratification.

March 2014 DVD Image

March 2014 DVD
Dr. Russell Low presented information about Multiparametric MR imaging.

April 2014 DVD Image

April 2014 DVD
Dr. Almeida returns with updated info on Carbon 11 Acetate PET/CT Imaging

May 2014 DVD Image

May 2014 DVD
Round Table with IPCSG members Darrel, Ruben, Larry and Gene.

June 2014 DVD Image

June 2014 DVD
Dr. Irwin Goldstein and Dr. Andrew Goldstein

July 2014 DVD Image

July 2014 DVD
David Karow, M.D., PhD., Assistant Clinical Professor of Radiology, UCSD

August 2014 DVD Image

August 2014 DVD
Karen Kunz, Medical Science Liaison, Myriad Genetics

September 2014 DVD Image

September 2014 DVD
Paul and Leonard discuss thier experiences in dealing with prostate cancer

October 2014 DVD Image

October 2014 DVD
A.J. Mundt, M.D and John P. Einck, M.D. discuss New radiation treatments.

November 2014 DVD Image

November 2014 DVD
Dr. Richard Lam - Androgen Deprivation Therapy and treatment developments.