2015 DVD's

January 2015 DVD Image

January 2015 DVD
Bernadette Greenwood, Desert Medical Imaging, biopsies & MP MRI

February 2015 DVD Image

February 2015 DVD
David Ron and Bill talk about their experiences in dealing with PCa

March 2015 DVD Image

March 2015 DVD
IPCSG Directors having 60 years dealing with PCa share tips and experiences

April 2015 DVD Image

April 2015 DVD
Dr. Steven Pratt discusses life style and eating "Superfoods"

May 2015 DVD Image

May 2015 DVD
Dr. Schwartzberg, multiparametric MRI imaging and image guided biopsies

June 2015 DVD Image

June 2015 DVD
Dr. Mike Hsieh - sexual side effects of PCa and treatmen options

July 2015 DVD Image

July 2015 DVD
Dr. Donna Hansel expert in genitourinary pathology

August 2015 DVD Image

August 2015 DVD
IPCSG Members Gary Tom and Chuck discuss their PCa treatment decisions.

September 2015 DVD Image

September 2015 DVD
Dr. Franklin Gaylis, Genesis Healthcare discusses genomic technologies

October 2015 DVD Image

October 2015 DVD
Dr. Fabio Almeida Carbon 11 Acetate imaging

November 2015 DVD Image

November 2015 DVD
Dr. Richard Lam gives an Update on Recent PcA Developments