2016 DVD's

January 2016 DVD Image

January 2016 DVD
Dr. AJ Mundt and Dr. Carl Rossi give an update on radiation therapy

March 2016 DVD Image

March 2016 DVD
Opco 4Kscore assess risk for aggressive prostate cancer before biopsy

April 2016 DVD Image

April 2016 DVD
Bernadette Greenwood, Desert Medical Imaging Focal Laser and MPMRI biopsy’s

May 2016 DVD Image

May 2016 DVD
Dr. Paul Dato Genesis Healthcare talks about Immunotherapy Provenge

June 2016 DVD Image

June 2016 DVD
2 group members discuss the importancce of 2nd opinions and ProstVac drug.

July 2016 DVD Image

July 2016 DVD
Dr Grimaldi, options for impotence incontinence, making treatment decisions

August 2016 DVD Image

August 2016 DVD
Dr Fendler, MD, diagnosing & treating prostate cancer directed at the PSMA

September 2016 DVD Image

September 2016 DVD
Precision Focal Treatment, Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) NanoKnife

October 2016 DVD Image

October 2016 DVD
Cross modality fusion for cancer imaging (SPECT, PET, CT and MRI) & PET/CT

November 2016 DVD Image

November 2016 DVD
Dr Ricahrd Lam presented the latest updates on prostate cancer treatments