2012 DVDs

January 2012 DVD Image

January 2012 DVD
Dr. Richard Lam talks about Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT)

February 2012 DVD Image

February 2012 DVD
Dr. Richard Safrin discussed the pathological aspects of Gleason testing

March 2012 DVD Image

March 2012 DVD
Dr. Goldstein , stem cell research; Dr. Brian Dicks erectile function.

April 2012 DVD Image

April 2012 DVD
Learn about being your own case manager.

May 2012 DVD Image

May 2012 DVD
Dr. Fabio Almeida, new information about Carbon 11 Acetate imaging

June 2012 DVD Image

June 2012 DVD
Sharing experiences and networking. Survey Results

July 2012 DVD Image

July 2012 DVD
Dr. Gaylis, Active Survelillance & advances in management of recurrent PCa.

August 2012 DVD Image

August 2012 DVD
Dr. John Grimaldi, treating impotence and incontinence.

October 2012 DVD Image

October 2012 DVD
Lyle LaRosh "A Patient’s Opinion of Today’s Medical Practices"