2011 DVD's

January 2011 DVD Image

January 2011 DVD
Round Table Discussion

February 2011 DVD Image

February 2011 DVD
Dr. Robert Louie of Dendreon Corp. presented information about Provenge

March 2011 DVD Image

March 2011 DVD
Dr. Irwin Goldstein, Director of Sexual Medicine at Alvarado Hospital

April 2011 DVD Image

April 2011 DVD
Dr. Joe Filbeck speaking on quality of life medicine

June 2011 DVD Image

June 2011 DVD
DynaTRIM deviceinaging analysis of the prostate by MRI.

July 2011 DVD Image

July 2011 DVD

September 2011 DVD Image

September 2011 DVD
Dr. A.J. Mundt and Dr. John Einck, Radiation Oncologist, UCSD

October 2011 DVD Image

October 2011 DVD
Mr. David Weil from HICAP discusses Medicare insurance coverage.

November 2011 DVD Image

November 2011 DVD
Dr. Russell Low, Medical Director of Sharp & Children’s MRI center