March 2015 DVD

March 2015 DVD Image

March 2015

The March meeting was a very meaningful presentation about case management by the Directors of the IPCSG support group who have about 60 years’ combined experience in dealing with our disease. This DVD will be especially useful in helping you manage your own case.

George Johnson spoke about why and how you should manage your own case as well as what is different about dealing with prostate cancer.

Bill Manning spoke about case tracking--things you should know and measure. This included discussion of the Gleason score and what it means as well as the importance of tracking you PSA scores over time.

John Tassi spoke about the doctor selection process, preparing for your first and follow-up doctor’s visits, keeping all your health records and keeping them accurate and up to date.

Lyle LaRosh spoke about biopsy factors and determining where your cancer is. He talked of the value of imaging prior to any biopsy that can be used to direct the biopsy rather than getting a “blind” biopsy

Gene Van Vleet spoke of treatment selections and quality of life considerations. He recommended developing an understanding of the probable side effects of each treatment type. The most powerful tool to guide you is knowledge.

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