June 2016 DVD

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June 2016

The June meeting began with a short presentation by Patrick Olberg representing the YMCA LiveStrong program. Patrick talked about the free 12 week health and wellness program for cancer survivors.

Next, IPCSG member Jim C. discusses his situation and how important a second opinion is. Two years ago his doctor felt irregularity during a digital rectal exam (DRE). A biopsy was performed and the results were 6 out of 14 cores having cancer and a Gleason score of 4+3=7.

The Urologist talked up surgery, but Jim said he wanted a second opinion. Because of this second opinion, Jim ended up choosing IMRT therapy rather than surgery.

Next, Jim E. talked about ProstVac, an immunotherapy drug that is not yet approved. In 2002 Jim had his prostate surgically removed. Then he had IMRT. For the following 10 years he was on hormone treatment of Lupron plus Casodex which kept his PSA at 0.3. Two years ago the PSA began to climb. In June of 2012 he started a 6 month trial study with the drug ProstVac. His CT scans have remained clear since the trial ended.

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