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Dr. Snuffy Myers
Weekly Video
Dr. Snuffy Myers discusses
whether or not prostate cancer can
be cured.
We can help
We've been there and we're here
to help you.

Our group is comprised of men
and women, survivors, newly
diagnosed, and people who want
more information about
Prostate Cancer and options for
treating this disease.

Our monthly meetings are open
to everyone. We meet to provide
support and advice to you, your
family and your loved ones.
Welcome Message From Lyle LaRosh
President of the Informed Prostate Cancer
Support Group

This is a simple Information Guide to
Prostate Cancer written by Terry Herbert,
long time prostate cancer survivor and
ALONE NOW) website.
(Click here read it)
Gene Van Vleet, IPCSG Chief Operating Officer and director,
has written an excellent article titled
The Importance of Belonging to a Support Group
that was included in the December issue of "Choices", a publication of PAACT, Inc.
This is a very well written article with information for the newly diagnosed as well as
those who have been living with Prostate Cancer for many years.

CLICK HERE to read the article.
November 15, 2014 - Richard Lam, M.D. Research Director, Prostate Oncology Specialists:
Androgen Deprivation Therapy and recent treatment developments.

Click Here for Directions
UC San Diego Health Sciences
Are you interested in participating in a
clinical research study?
The Prostate Cancer Research
Institute honored our Chief Operating
Officer with the prestigious Harry
Pinchot Award for 2014. This award
was made in recognition for Gene’s
accomplishments in leading our
program and outreach services to
help men become better informed
about their prostate cancer.

CLICK HERE for details
Gene Van Vleet Selected for Prostate Cancer Award